Why do I have to Save?

Saveme.ng gives you the comfort, convenience and the motivation of starting small and growing big one day. Little consistent savings from as little as N200 can one day pay your kids’ school fee, rent or even buy you a house. .

Ethical Earnings

saveme.ng generates a minimum of 12% ROI p.a from its ethical investments portfolios. saveme.ng shares all the returns it generates from the invested funds with its depositors at 60%/40% (while saveme.ng takes 40%, 60% is shared accordingly to customers/depositors)

Automated Savings Plan

Saveme.ng allows you save money into your saveme.ng account through an automated recurring debit from your commercial bank account daily, weekly or monthly depending on your plan and target.

Simple Savings

enables users grow their savings from as little as N200 to millions. With simple savings you can activate a standing order (smooth Save) to debit your salary, business or personal bank account and credit your saveme.ng account either daily, weekly or monthly.

Target Savings

This feature allows users save from as low as N200 to meet up their short and long term targets with no stress. User can select the purpose for savings, either rent, school fees, hajj/pilgrimage, wedding etc.

Fixed Savings

Users can only keep or fix a chunk of money from as low as N10,000 for a minimum period of 3 months. Fixed savings does not accommodate recurrent deposit into the account, it only helps keep money for the future and also to gain income on whatever value a user fixes.

100% Secure

All our customers’ credit cards and debit cards information are kept and secured by a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor to handle all our customers’ card details.


Saveme.ng is an easy to use app which helps you save small amounts of money periodically in order to meet your specific future need. All funds are kept and secured with licensed commercial banks.

All funds are warehoused with Jaiz Bank Plc while all transactions are processed and secured by Paystack, a central bank of Nigeria licensed payment processing company on behalf of the commercial banks.

What our clients say

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